ICU Support Group

Hey U2 Nursing students!

In 2009, three U3 year nursing students created and facilitated a peer support group for U2 nursing students in ICU clinical settings, which focused on issues such as stress management, coping strategies, socialization, end of life care, and physical and mental health. 

These informal weekly ICU peer support group meetings are intended to provide you with a supportive environment in which open, non-judgmental discussions could take place. The goal is to promote you to feel free in sharing issues or concerns with impartial people about transitioning and thriving in an illness-focused clinical placement! We will discuss your experiences, any challenges you have faced or are facing in your clinical setting, what is great and maybe not-so-great about your clinical placements, and anything else related to your Nursing experiences so far! Everything discussed at these meetings will remain confidential!

Shane Anzovino, Carol Kwon and Vanessa Lavergne will be facilitating these group meetings and we’re excited to meet all of you! We know that U2 is a very busy year and we hope that we will be able to help you excel in your ICU rotation!


WHO? All U2 nursing students currently in an ICU setting!

WHEN? Every other Friday starting on October 5th from 12:00pm – 1:30pm

WHERE? Wilson Hall Room 104

Attendance of these groups is very highly recommended. If you will miss a meeting, please let us know ahead of time!

Please reply back to one of these emails to confirm your attendance next Friday. If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact either Vanessa, Shane or Carol – our contact information:

Vanessa Lavergne –

Shane Anzovino –

Carol Kwon –

See you all on October 5th!

Take care,

Vanessa, Shane and Carol


Update from ICU Support Group Meeting on October 5th, 2012

Next meeting dates are: 

October 12, 2012 from 11:45-12:30pm, Room 105

October 19,2012 from 11:45am-12:30pm, Room 105

October 25th, 2012 from 12pm-1:30pm, Room 105

Some resources that can help you are: 

Shane Anzovino’s (BScN U3) ICU Data Collection Tool

UpToDate ( Accessible via McGill, MUHC or McGill VPN/Library account. Most updated clinical information on every medical condition and drugs. It lists “off-label” uses of medications that may not be in textbooks and CPS guides. Also has patient information sheets. Very useful for case studies. You can reference this resources in your papers and assignments.

Medscape ( You need to create a free account to use. Available online, as an iPhone and iPad app. Most useful for drugs. Also has some information regarding medical conditions and procedures. Perfect for consultation when you are on the unit.

Textbook: Understanding the Essentials of Critical Care (available at McGill bookstore). Students have found this textbook to be extremely useful and well-written for adult ICU placements.

McGill NUS Youtube Channel : Watch clinical skills demonstrations on youtube

While textbooks are an easily accessible resource, they sometimes have outdated information. Be familiar with critical care nursing journals and use them for your case studies! It will impress your clinical teachers and you will be able to deliver up to date evidence-based nursing care.