Program specific information 



Library Resources 

Utilizing the McGill VPN, or a McGill computer, you can access a number of online texts and resources.

With the exception of two eBook packages (300 French language medical titles from Masson and 80 newly- released textbooks),  McGill now has access to:

· Complete Elsevier Science e-books (1995 to 2012)

· Major reference works

· Urban & Fisher journal Archives (comprising three backfile collections in the life and health sciencesextending from the first volumes published in English (1960s-1970s) to 2000)

Tutoring Resources 

Math Help Desk – help for Calculus & Statistics

-Monday-Friday 12pm-5pm

-Burnside Hall, 9th floor, room 911

-Sign up HERE

Science Undergraduate Society – help for science courses (Biology, Chemistry, Physics)

– scheduled individually to fit your needs

Physiology Undergraduate League of Students – Buy your coursepacks for physiology from PULS!

– Click HERE to find out more

Pharmacology Integrated League of Students – Buy your NTCs for Pharmacology from PILS

– Click HERE to find out more

McGill NUS Youtube Channel- For clinical skills