NUS Elections 2013: Results


Turnout: 229 (41.9%) of 546 electors voted in this ballot. + 12% voted in the elections for Fundraising coordinator and BNI rep. Congratulations to all, and thank you for a high voter turnout! 

President: Meghan Daoust 
VP Academic BScN: Stephanie Avery 
VP Academic BNI: Natalie Stake-Doucet
VP CNSA: Sae Fukamizu
VP External: Joanna Lynsdale
VP Finance: Vivian Sum 
VP Internal: Audrey Michaud
VP Global Health: Kara Redden

AD CNSA: Victoria Conconi 
Athletic Representative: Valerie De Broux
Global Health rep: Gracie Nichols
Secretary: Annie Coulter
Social Rep: Estelle Simon
Webmaster: David Olmstead
Fundraising Coordinator: Emily Hacker
BScN U2 Class Rep: Clarice Poirier
BScN U3 Class Rep: Lana Beaudoin
BNI U3 Class Rep: Shannon Snyder 

CNSA/NUS fee increase referendum: Passed