NUS Newsletter April 2, 2013


April 2nd, 2013


Gossip Nurse here your one and only source in to the scandalous lives of the McGill Nursing Elite. Elections are quickly approaching and I’ve spotted many great candidates! Remember to attend elections, as you will be deciding the future of your School. I bid you all farewell as this is my last newsletter ( I think…) now back to my books…



1.  Loonie Learning

2.  FREE French-english dictionaries

3.  Course evaluation draw

4.  Registration for returning students

5.  Health on Earth

6.  Make a move


LOONIE LEARNING! Group Final Review Sessions
There will be group final exam review sessions for MATH 141, PHYS 102 and PHGY 210 on the following dates:


1.    PHGY 210: Tuesday April 16 @ 6PM-8PM in SSMU Building (Room to be confirmed) 

2.    MATH 141: Friday April 19 @ 2PM-4PM in Wilson Hall Room 103.

3.    PHYS 102: Saturday April 20 @ 2PM-4PM in Lev Bukhman on the 2nd floor of the SSMU Building (Room booking tentative)


Each session costs $1, payable at the door. Each session will include the review of a final exam and a question/answer period. The finals that will be reviewed will be made available to you in the near future.


FREE French-English Dictionaries

Professor Beaulieu has received a donation of French-English Dictionaries, and has kindly decided to give a number of these dictionaries to undergraduate students. She describes the book as a, “…compendium of French/English vocabulary for health and social service professionals.” 


If you would like a FREE French-English Dictionary, please sign up using the link below. They will be given out on a first-come, first-serve basis. Please sign-up only if you are not fully bilingual in French and English. Also note that to receive your French-English Dictionary, you must pick it up at the NUS 2013-2014 Elections on April 4th, 2013 in Lev Bukhman (2nd floor of the SSMU Building) from 17h45-20h00 (5:45PM-8:00PM). Any dictionaries not picked up at Elections will be given to those attending Elections. 



Sign-Up opens on April 2nd @ 18h00 (6PM)

Sign-Up closes on April 4th @ 17h00 (5PM) 


Note: Professor Beaulieu has not confirmed the exact number of dictionnaries that will be given-away. Our latest estimate is 75 dictionnaries, but it is possible that there may be more or less to actually give away. 


Course Evaluation Draw

Fill out your course evaluations and email a screen shot of the Minerva screen indicating you have “NO” course evaluations left to complete to by April 30th at 11:59PM to be entered in a contest for a 20$ Tim Horton’s Gift Card. It is highly encouraged that you take the opportunity to provide your Professors with feedback! 


Registration for Returning Students


For those of you returning to next Fall, registration on Minerva opens for all Nursing Students on Tuesday April 9th at 10h00. This means that starting at 10h00 on Tuesday April 9th you can start registering for courses.  


Link for More Info: 


It is highly recommended that you use the Quick Add/Drop Option in order to register quickly and efficiently. To do so: research your courses in advance and write down the CRN Codes. On Tuesday April 9th, log onto Minerva and: 

1.    Click on “Student Menu.”

2.    Click on “Registration Menu.”

3.    Click on “Quick Add or Drop Course Sections.”

4.    Select your term (Fall 2013 or Winter 2014).

5.    Enter your CRN Codes and register. 

6.    Then repeat with the other term. 

Happy Registering! 


5. Health on Earth


Hi! If you’re interested in producing radio with Health On Earth, a global health radio show with CKUT this summer, we are having a meeting on the coming Wednesday (April 3) at 7 pm on the 3rd floor of CKUT building (3647 University)! Feel free to check out our website on too!’


6. Make –a- move


McGill Make-A-Wish is proud to present the 5th annual MAKE-A-MOVE event on April 7th!The event is a 5 km run/walk around the downtown McGill campus to raise money for the Make-A-Wish Foundation in order to grant wishes to children of the Quebec area with illnesses. Registration will take place in the SSMU ballroom (3rd floor of the SSMU building) at 9:30 AM. Individual runners/walkers can register for a minimum donation of $15/each. Groups of 10 or more runners/walkers can register for a minimum donation of $10/each. The run begins at 11:00 AM and the walk begins at 11:15 AM. Food and drinks will provided to participants and volunteers before and after the run. (Yummy stuff like Starbucks and Montreal bagels!) There will also be a RAFFLE with some amazing prizes!

For more information: visit our website:


7. 2nd McGill Surgical Global Health Conference


Description of the Project:

McGill Surgical Global Health Conference is a student intiative in collaboration with directors of Centre for Global Surgery Dr. Tarek Razek, Director of MUHC Trauma Program and Dr. Richard Deckelbaum, a MUHC surgeon. The purpose of this day-long conference is to expose students to various experiences and opportunities in surgical global health. It aims to provide a forum for students and healthcare professionals to discuss the different challenges and approaches to the field. Below is a schedule of the conference. The conference will feature presentations from various practitioners of surgical global health. An animated debate among a panel of experts will conclude the conference and provide experts and students with an opportunity to exchange ideas and opinions. There will be ample opportunity for interaction between speakers and audience members.  Further discussion and networking will take place during the post-conference reception at Thompson House.

Past speakers to the conference includes

·       Hossam Elsharkawi, PhD, director, Emergencies and Recovery Canadian Red Cross

·       Jacques Corcos, M.D., Surgeon, Chief, Department of Urology; Professor of Surgery (urology)

·       Sherif Emil, MD,CM, FRCSC, FACS, FAAP; Director Division of Pediatric General Surgery

·       Joaquim Miró , MD, Head of cardiac catheterization laboratory, Sainte-Justine Hospital, Co-director, Sainte-Justine au Coeur du Monde, Chief of Cardiology


Target Audience:

The targeted audience of our conference is not limited to medical students but also extends to all students of the faculty of medicine such as students in nursing, occupational and physical therapy. We aim to bring together students from different health science background to build a community of surgical global health. In last year’s conference, we received students from faculties of medicine in all universities of Quebec: Université de Montreal, Université de Sherbrooke, and Université de Laval. This year we are extending our invitation to universities of surrounding provinces such as University of Ottawa and Queen’s University


Projected Attendance:

In 2012, we hosted the 1st edition of McGill Surgical Global Health Conference as the first attempt in Quebec to address the role of surgery in global health and welcomed over 100 enthusiastic attendees to the conference. Due to the success of last year’s conference and ample interest shown by the Quebec healthcare professional community, we anticipate an increase in number of attendance to 200 participants in this year’s conference

Relevance to the Medical Body:

In May 2012 the McGill Surgical Global Health Conference was the first attempt in the province of Quebec to address the role of surgery in global health. In this 2013 edition the Surgical Global Health Conference, we will continue instituting McGill University as a front-runner in the emerging field of surgical global health. Different aspects of surgical global health will be addressed, such as rehabilitation, injury prevention, pediatric surgery, trauma surgery, reconstructive surgery, obstetric/gynaecological surgery and many other surgical specialties in the context of global health. 



On behalf of the NUS,

You know you love me,



Margareta Sikorski

VP Internal