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March 20th, 2013


Gossip Nurse here your one and only source in to the scandalous lives of the McGill Nursing Elite. After a successful Faculty Olympics, in which the Nursing team did not finish last YESSS, its time for one last stretch and some exciting elections! Last chance to party before we really gotta sit down and learn stuff we all don’t really care about.


1. OIIQ Licensing Exam Info Session

2. Faculty Meeting

3.SSMU Elections

4. NUS Elections 


1.OIIQ Licensing Exam Information Sessions

An OIIQ Licensing Exam Information Session has been organized with the help of some of your incredible BNI colleagues! This event will allow you to learn of our upcoming licensing exams and give you the chance to ask questions to those who have already successfully completed the exam. Details below:

Date: Tuesday March 26th, 2013

Time: 14h00-15h40 (2:00PM-3:30PM)

Place: Lev Bukhman (2nd Floor of SSMU) 


Note: Although this event is aimed mainly at the BScN U3s all are welcome to attend! 


BScN Advising Sessions 

1) BScN U0 – Thursday March 21 @ 13h00-14h00 – Wilson Hall Rm 105
2) BScN U1 – Friday March 22 @ 13h30-14h30 – Wilson Hall Rm 110
3) BScN U2 – Thursday March 21 @ 14h30-15h30 – Wilson Hall Rm 105

Items to be Discussed:

  • How is your year going?
  • Summer Term 2013 
  • Upcoming Year

Please bring your questions! Hope to see you there!


2. Faculty Meeting – MUHC Announcement 

I would like to let you know that I spoke at Friday March 15th Ingram School of Nursing Faculty Meeting about the effects of the MUHC situation on the students of the Ingram School of Nursing. I reiterated the email exchanges between myself and Ms. O’Connor/Ms. Lynch. I expressed that this is a time at which we need increased support from the Faculty, and asked them to share any insight, advice and so forth with us. Due to time constraints, the Faculty could not respond to me immediately at the meeting. However, I strongly encouraged them to get in touch with the student body via the Nursing Undergraduate Society. I will continue to do my best to advocate for us, and will keep you updated as to any further developments or information. – Kayla Sliskovic, BScN VP Academic 



You’re all registered to vote in SSMU Winter 2013 Elections and Referendum. This ballot ends on March 22 at 3:00 pm, with results announcement at Gert’s at 5:00 pm.


Simply click the link provided to you in your McGill Outlook accounts.


Please show your support of our very first Nursing Senator Natalie Hiles!


Please note that your ballot will show the Medicine candidates, but the NUS recommends that you abstain (vote No Opinion) as the faculty of Medicine will not be representing nurses this year.

 4. NUS Elections 

NUS Council 2013-2014 campaigns are now well underway, with candidates from all parts of our nursing programs. Elections will be held April 1-April 4th online, with a live debate and announcements of the results on April 4th at a time/location to be determined. 

A full list of candidates and positions: 


Candidate email

Name, blurb


Meghan Daoust – BSc(N) U2, running for President

I would like to submit candidacy for the position of President of the Nursing Undergraduate Society for the 2013-2014 school year. I believe my leadership experience, organized and meticulous nature, combined with NUS experience make me perfect for the job. Having served as a member of the NUS for the past two years, I am excited to take on the challenge the position of President offers.


VP Academic BScN – 1


Stephane Avery, BScN U2, running for VP Academic

Hello, I would like to apply for VP Academic. My name is Stephanie Avery, I am in the BScN program in U2. I would like to continue where Kayla left off with last year and create additional opportunities for students to succeed in courses.  Besides being in the Nursing program, I am a member of the varsity soccer team. This has allowed me to find ways to organize and prioritize my time and I could translate this to other students in the program.


Thank you,


Stephanie Avery

VP Academic BScN – 2


Brianne Coglon, BScN U2, running for VP Academic

Hello NUS,

I’m a highly motivated and hard-working individual and possess strong time-management and organizational skills. I am also extremely enthusiastic about nursing and would love the opportunity to become further involved in the McGill nursing program.  I strongly believe that the above characteristics, along with my ability to communicate as an approachable and open person, would allow me to make an important contribution to the NUS 2013-2014 council.




VP Academic BScN – 3

Noam Lapid


I am excited to submit my candidacy for the position of VP academic BScN! I am a second year nursing student with an interest in hematology-oncology and pediatric nursing (inspired largely by my current clinical placement). My ‘nursing root’ is largely inspired by my involvement with Head and Hands, a youth organization in NDG that does an anonymous, non-judgemental drop-in health clinic (amongst many other things!). I was involved in the health clinic, as well as Head and Hands’ Sense Project, which is a volunteer-run sex-ed program for youth. This is where I started doing youth intervention and education and where I started getting really excited about finding holistic and empowering ways to talk about sex and risk and stigma and boundaries and all of that complicated stuff. I also have lots of community organizing experience, including being a collective member of the Prisoner Correspondence Project for the past 5 years. The PrisCoPro coordinates a direct-correspondence program for GLBT, intersex, and queer inmates in Canada and the United States, and maintains a resource library on topics relevant to (and frequently written by) our incarcerated members. This is the year that I’m starting to make real links between the nursing education I am getting at McGill and the work I’ve been doing in my communit(ies), which makes me SO excited about next year. I haven’t been on the NUS before, but I feel that my organizing work is relevant, both to the position of VP academic as well as to the nursing student body I hope to serve. Thanks! Noam

VP Academic BNI    

Natalie Stake-Doucet – BNI U2, running for VP Academic, BNI


I was born and raised in Montreal, but I lived four years in Vancouver working as a translator and traveling around the world. I’m perfectly bilingual (trilingual actually) even though I would say my first language is French. In 2005, I decide to come back to Montreal to pursue nursing studies, something I’d been interested in since high school. I graduated in 2010 from Andre-Laurendeau College and my final stage was in Cameroun. I worked at the Cardiology Institute for a while, than I moved to Gaspesie where I worked for a while. I came back to Montreal 2 years ago, I’m now on study leave from my job at the Pinel Institute. I’ve been involved in student committees before, even though that was a number of years ago. I organized a student delegation to an international student and youth conference in Cuba in 2000 (I know… I know… It’s been a while). I’m 30 years old now, so I guess that makes me older than the average student, but I’m also more experienced. Working in psychiatry has made me extremely patient, so meetings (even long ones) don’t scare me. I also beleive the BNIs might be slightly underrepresented in the NUS, so when I heard no one was running for this position, I felt I should step up. If you think you could use my services, let me know!


Have a good day!


Natalie Stake-Doucet



Teodora Pecingina, BScN U1, running for VP CNSA





My name is Teodora Pecingina, I am a nursing student BSc(N), finishing my first year. I am very dynamic and dedicated by nature towards the things I do and would be honoured to represent my fellow nursing students at the CNSA. I speak 4 languages, English, French, Spanish and Romanian and have done various community work throughout the years in different countries like Costa Rica, Ecuador and locally. I hope to be given the chance to direct all my energy and knowledge towards managing the CNSA events within McGill and am looking forward to doing so alongside our regional president, Rajet.

Thank you all for your consideration!

Teodora Pecingina





Laurie Pichette-Auray, BScN U2, running for VP CNSA


Hi, my name is Laurie Pichette, I’m in BScN U2, and this year I’m hoping to be your next VP CNSA for 2013-2014! After having an awesome time at the national CNSA conference in Halifax last year, I am more than ready to make sure all of you have just as much fun as I did! Of course, this takes a lot of organization and time, but I’m ready to put in the efforts and energy needed to make this the best CNSA conference yet.


Thank you! 

Laurie Pichette-Auray




Sae Fukamizu, BScN U2 running for VP CNSA


Hey there! My name is Sae Fukamizu and I am currently a U2 BScN student. Some of you may already know me as this year’s Social Representative but I will be running for next year’s VP CNSA! Next year’s National CNSA Conference will be in BC and I would really love the opportunity to organize an amazing CNSA experience for you all! Being a member of the NUS has allowed me to understand and anticipate for the responsibilities that I will have as your potential VP CNSA. Vote SAE FUKAMIZU for your VP CNSA! 




Emma Millson-Taylor, BScN U2, running for VP CNSA



My name is Emma Millson-Taylor, I am a U2 BScN student and would like to run for VP CNSA. I have been involved in many student executives here at McGill, I have held positions as VP Fundraising, VP External and VP Communications for the McGill Sailing and McGill Rowing Teams. Why not run for one of those positions in the NUS you might ask? I am interested in the VP CNSA position because I want to get involved with student nurses from other schools on a provincial and national level and am proud to represent McGill Nursing!



VP External – 2


Joanna Lynsdale, BScN U2, running for VP External


My name is Joanna Lynsdale and I’m currently a BScN U2 student who is running for VP External for your upcoming academic year. I’m a compassionate and dedicated person that is committed to making YOUR nursing life better at McGill. I’ve been involved in many things in high school and at McGill, and in my last year here, would like to give back to the nursing community. I would love the opportunity to represent all nursing students in SSMU, and hope you give me the chance to do so! So remember, on voting day, vote Joanna for VP External! 

VP External – 2

Lily Li, BScN U0, running for VP External

I’m running for VP External because I can bridge the gaps between McGill and NUS. This year, I’ve been involved with the SSMU External Affairs Committee and I have attended and participated in TaCEQ meetings and SSMU General Assemblies. In the year ahead, I propose to get NUS more involved within the community. As VP External, I plan to recruit new companies to sponsor NUS so we can have a larger budget to organize more awesome events!

Lily Li

VP Finance

Vivian Sum, BScN U2, running for VP Finance


I would like to run for the VP Finance position. As of now, I’ve only been an experienced financial advisor for myself but, like anything in life, we strive to grow and expand our horizons. Therefore, I am enthused about the opportunity to apply the tricks I’ve collected under my belt to benefit the rest of us. My best friend is the excel spreadsheet! He’s great.


Vivian Sum

VP Internal – 1



Audrey Michaud, BScN U1, running for VP Internal


Hey Audrey you’re so fine, you’re so fine you blow my mind, hey Audrey! Hey, Hey, hey Audrey!

Oh Audrey you’re so fine, I can understand,

Why VP Internal is a place for you to stand

Oh Audrey, you’re so funny, can’t you understand

It’s someone like you, Audrey

Oh, that we need, that we need

As Vp Internal, this year!

On that brief entertainment time, I’d like to introduce myself. My name is Audrey Michaud and I am finishing U1 as a BScN student. I’d like to be your VP Internal next year because I have already participated in Frosh and in Faculty Olympics (where I really enjoyed myself) and the organization of those activities are a big part of the VP internal job. Therefore, having done them is a big asset for me. The Ingram school of Nursing is very close to my heart and I’d like to get involved in it. I’d be a great candidate because I am an organized, dynamic and responsible student. As a VP internal, I’ll get to communicate a lot with all of you and this is what gets me the most excited about this position. I can’t wait to hear all your voices and your great ideas. Thank you all in advance for the support! I hope you will let me be your knew gossip nurse XOXO. 


VP Global Health – 1



Sasha Selby, BScN U1, Running for VP Global Health


My name is Sasha Selby and I am a U1 Nursing student who is passionate about Global Health!  Being involved with “Mcgill Nurses for Global Health” and taking part in various fundraising events has given me the opportunity to better understand and involve myself with McGill’s global health community.  In addition through running my own NGO I have acquired vast experience in administrative work and various global health endeavors.  I feel that It would be a great privilege to stand for global health on the NUS for the 2013-2014 school year!


VP Global Health – 2

I would like to run for VP Global Health


I have spent the last year on council learning the ways of representing the student body.  I have been working with the Global Health Representative and I am a current member of the McGill Nurses for Global Health.  My role has been to coordinate an International night, HIV/AIDS documentary screening and I am currently working on an Aboriginal workshop coming up in May as well as the Surgical Global Health Conference organized by the Faculty of Medicine in June.  I have been passionate about Global Health and Population Health since my exchange in Malawi where I completed 160 clinical hours working with both rural and urban populations.  



Thanks Marco!


Kara Redden



Emily Hacker, BScN U2, running for AD CNSA


Hi! My name is Emily Hacker and I’m a U2 student this year. I have a lot of experience organizing and planning with teams since I’ve been involved with campus life for the last three years including a residence council president, student residence floor fellow, and nursing chair of the mHSPA. I’d love to work with the council this year to make CNSA a great success wihin McGill and for all those looking for the opportunity to attend a fantastic conference. 



Victoria Conconi, BScN U1, running for AD CNSA


Hello all- my name is Tori, and I am hoping to be your AD CNSA 2013-14!

I had a fantastic time at both the regional and national conferences this year, and I am already looking forward to next year. As your AD CNSA, I would be representing McGill on both the regional and national level, as well as helping to organize our trips for both the conferences with the VP CNSA. I feel that I am more than prepared to take on these duties, and have experience when it comes to fundraising on campus as well as organizing large groups. I look forward to hopefully representing you all next year!


Many thanks,

Victoria Conconi


Athletic Representative – 1


Valérie De Broux, BScN U1, running for Athletic Representative


I would be a great addition to the McGill Nursing council as I am extremely motivated, well disciplined and organized.  Over the last 12 years, I acquired these skills as I juggled my studies with  20 hours of swimming per week. In addition, I have been swimming for McGill University for the past 2 years and I represent the swim team on the McGill University Varsity Council.  I was the Assistant Manager at a summer pool in 2012 and this allowed me to build my leadership skills.  Please consider me for this position as I would really like to get involved in the McGill Nursing community.


Best regards,

Valérie De Broux

Athletic Representative – 2

Kathleen Turcotte, BScN U0, running for Athletic Representative

My name is Kathleen Turcotte and I’m currently in BSCN U0. I am running for the position of Athletic Representative. I have taken part on the NUS Council as U0 rep this past year and enjoyed being part of such a wonderful group. I am an athletic student who participates in Savate Kickboxing and personal fitness. I had a blast participating in this years Nursing Games and would love to organize a team for the following year if i’m elected as your Athletic Rep. 




Fundraising Coordinator



Global Health Rep – 1

Sina Nazeri, Bsc(N) U1, running for Global Health Rep


Hi, my name is Sina Nazeri and I am really interested in becoming your Global Health Representative. I have experience organizing events through my role as Vice President at my high school. I have organized fundraisers related to Global Health such as “Pennies for Patients” for Cancer research and for the Tsunami crisis in Japan.  I find Global Health very interesting and would love to contribute to society through the NUS. 

Thank you,


Global Health Rep – 2

Meghan Eaker, BScN U0, running for Global Health Representative


My name is Meghan Eaker and I am a U0 nursing student at Mcgill. I am submiting my candidacy for the position of global health representative.


After high school I participated in volunteer development projects in Mozambique, India and Vancouver island which sparked my interest in global and aboriginal health. In fact, my decision to study nursing grew from this passion and I feel that this position would give me the opportunity to learn about, promote and participate more in this field. I was disappointed to find, in my first year, that global health (and particularly aboriginal health) is very much overlooked by my fellow nursing students and it would be my pleasure to promote this exciting, dynamic and important field around campus!



Meghan Eaker

Global Health Rep – 3


Gracie Nichols, BScN U1, running for Global Health Representative



My name is Gracie Nichols and I am a U1 BScN student. I would love the opportunity to be the Global Health Representation in the upcoming academic year. I have grown passionate about global health through my work with the McGill Student Association for Medical Aid (SAMA) as senior contacts coordinator and by working closely with our contacts in Ethiopia. I am currently enrolled in McGill’s Global Health Course and thoroughly enjoy learning and working in and around this field. I would be honored to represent my fellow nursing students in this domain.


Thank you and best wishes,

Gracie Nichols


Secretary – 1


Lyndsay Lombardi, BScN U1, running for Secretary


I am in my first year of Nursing and am really enjoying the program so far.I think I would make a good addition to the NUS because I am an organized and determined student. I am also very eager to get involved and get to know other Nursing students! I am very interested in being part of the NUS and learning about what happens during the meetings. I would really love to contribute to the Nursing community! 


Thank you for your consideration.

Secretary – 2


Coulter, BScN U2, running for secretary.

My name is Annie Coulter, I am currently a BScN U2 student, and I would like to run for the NUS Council secretary position. A little about me:

 I am a mature student with a previous Bachelor’s degree in Biology. I have always been interested in health sciences, and so decided to return to school to be a nurse. I am very happy about my decision because I absolutely love nursing. I would also like to be more involved with the School, more specifically the NUS Council. I think that I would be good in the secretary position because I am organized, reliable, a good communicator, and able to take clear and concise notes.


Thank you,



Secretary – 3

Mariel Barkey BScN U1, running for secretary



My name is Mariel Barkey and I’m in the BScN program in U1. I’d like to apply for the Secretary position on the Council

 because I’d really like to get involved next year. I’m very responsible and organized and I’m good at keeping track of things. I’m very friendly and approachable and would appreciate this position because I enjoy being able to do something for everyone!

Secretary – 4

Jamie Li, BSc N U1, running for Secretary




My name is Jamie, I’ve been at McGill for only one year. I ended up in Nursing partially because I was unsure what I would want to do in the future. Upon studying this domain, I’ve grown more and more attached to the concept of being able to practice medicine (or health promotion) while having the social component. I’d love to be involved in the NUS by offering the best I have to offer to share the lovely profession nursing is.


Hope to be part of the team!



Social rep – 1

Kristina Rozintseva, BScN U2, running for Social Rep


I love our nursing community and would love to create oppourtunities for all of us to get to know each other on a personal level. I look forward to my last year at McGill and to sharing my nursing and Montreal experience with others!

Social Rep – 2


Estelle Simon, Candidate for Social Representative in NUS

Hey everyone!

I’m Estelle Simon, a U1 BSc(N) running as your future Social Rep in Nursing Undergraduate Society for the next academic year! Since I entered McGill University, I have participated in many social activities, such as FROSH and the Faculty Olympics, and a great number of events organized by our actual Social Rep, such as Apartment Crawl, the Nurse-Engineering party, the Igloofest and so on. I had such a great time participating in the NUS social life that I want to be the Social Rep who will get you out your books and make you enjoy the university social life! This position will allow me to offer the elite nurses a variety of silly activities and to enjoy ourselves all together! My past implication in other social clubs has allowed me to be part of many activities, such as organizing social events for my volleyball team or the graduating party for my Cegep. I do believe that I have the dynamism, the organisation and the enthusiasm to fulfill the responsibilities of this position. I can’t wait to party with you all!

Don’t you worry, don’t you worry, child. See Estelle’s got a plan for you.

Thank you for your support and vote ESTELLE SIMON for SOCIAL REP!




David Olmstead, BScN U1, running for Webmaster


My name is David Olmstead and I am a BScN U1 student in my second year at McGill. I have a lot of interest in the wonderful world of technology (ie. I’m a giant nerd), and I think that I have a strong enough background with computers to fulfill the responsibilities that are required for this position. One of the things that I would like to consider working on next year, if elected, is the modernization of the NUS website. I have worked with web development before, and am proficient in most of the modern web development languages (HTML/CSS/JavaScript). I have a knack for fixing things, so I can help resolve the technical issues that have become an unavoidable staple of the student lifestyle. I also have experience working with executive boards, and communicating with McGill’s various departments from my position as External Affairs Coordinator for McGill’s Walksafe team. I believe that this has provided me with the connections that would be necessary to work with McGill IT services, in particular, for our Student Society’s benefit. I would look forward to the opportunity to work with the NUS executive and council, and to work for my fellow students. Thank you for your consideration.


BScN U0 Class rep


To be filled in September

BScN U1 Class rep


To be filled in September

BScN U2 Class rep


Christine Gaosheng Huang, BScN U1, running for BScN U2 class representative


Hello! My name is Christine Gaosheng Huang, currently in BScN U1, running for the BScN U2 class representative position. You might know me as the girl who has a vaguely Brit accent –or you might know me as the resourceful girl who flits back and forth between students and staff (at school or at volunteer/clinical placements), or between students and students, carrying tidbits of information. I would like to redefine my role next year in a more official capacity by becoming your U2 class rep. I believe my previous experiences as a class rep in high school and as an organizer in the end-of-year Crystal Ball committee in CEGEP have prepared me well for this role. It would truly be an honor to represent you –to be your faithful and reliant informant, organizer and messenger!


Thank you!



BScN U2 Class rep

Clarice Poirier, BScN U2, running for U2 Class Rep



As I was looking for a fun and creative way to write my blurb, a friend suggested doing an acrostic with my name.

Oh well, people might think I’m not older than 9 years old, but I’ll give it a try!

C lose-mindedness is a word I’m not familiar with! Don’t be shy to talk to me and share suggestions and opinions! I want to hear them all!

L eadership, I’m used to it! In High School, I’ve been captain of the volley-ball team for many years, as well as class representative.  

A ctivities, for you I’ll organize! I’ll collaborate with the other members on the Council to offer you something you want/like/need!

R esponsabilities, I can assume.  I’ve learned a lot from my past experiences and I’ll apply this knowledge to my future involvements.   

I nvolved, I like to be.  In cegep, I’ve been part of the group doing an internship in Senegal. We’ve organized fundraisings of all kinds and really put our heart into this project!

C ollaboration. As I already told you, my wish is to collaborate with you to plan the activities you want!

E nd!  And I hope you enjoyed my Yoda-like blurb!

BScN U3 Class rep

Lana Beaudoin, BScN U2, running for U3 BScN Class Rep.


Hi Everyone!  My name is Lana Beaudoin and I am currently a U2 in the BScN program.  I am the U2 Class Rep this year and would love to represent my class again next year in addition to organizing the graduation.  I think my leadership skills, love for communicating with my class and organizational skills make me a good candidate.  Thanks for considering me!


Lana Beaudoin

BScN U2 Class Representative 2012-2013

BScN U3 Class rep

Stepped down

BNI U2 Class rep


To be filled in September.

BNI U3 Class rep




On behalf of the NUS,

You know you love me,



Margareta Sikorski

VP Internal


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