Newsletter November 6, 2012


November 6th, 2012

Gossip Nurse here your one and only source in to the scandalous lives of the McGill Nursing Elite.  So dayum its getting cold out there, but as Mrs. Filion says: “it keeps our brains fresh”. I hope these fresh brain of yours will hold up until the end of this semester, no worries only 4 more weeks guys, and this nightmare shall be over ( for 2 weeks.)

1) Global Health Night

2)  McGill Interprofessional Global Health Course

3) National Student Nursing Week

4) McGill Science Games

5) Conscious Communication Workshop

6) Nursing Games

1) Global Health Night 

The 6th Annual McGill Global Health Night will be on Wednesday November 7th from 5:00-7:30pm at the McGill Faculty Club (3450 McTavish Street)!
Guest Speakers wil be:
-Mr. Larry Krotz, author and filmmaker, recently published Piecing the Puzzle: The Genesis of AIDS Research in Africa
-Dr. Allan Ronald, Professor Emeritus, University of Manitoba; Leader, HIV/AIDS Care and Prevention Program in Uganda

Stay after the talk for the wine and cheese reception and poster display by McGill students and student organizations!

Check our website for more information and our tentative itinerary: Registration is not required to attend but you will get a name tag if you do!

 2) McGill Interprofessional Global Health Course – coming soon!

The 6th edition of the McGill Interprofessional Global Health Course (IPGHC) will begin in January 2013. This very unique course was by students who wanted more global health content out of their education. The project began as a medicine-nursing partnership and quickly grew to include dentistry, PT/OT, nutrition, social work, communication science and many more departments. The course will be held on Monday evenings starting on January 15th, for a total of 10 weeks. The objectives of the course are:

  • to increase student awareness of the global burden of diseases and the geopolitics of global health,
  • to expose students to the realities and challenges facing health professionals in a global context,
  • to provide a framework for students to approach global health challenges,
  • to encourage interprofessionalism by facilitating collaboration and communication amongst students,
  • and to inspire students to consider applying global health principles to their professional practice.

Registration will begin in late November. Make sure to check your McGill email and read them carefully!

The IPGHC is a non-credit elective. A small fee of approximately 10$ may be charged. Students need to attend, without any exception, at least 8 out of the 10 classes for successful completion of the course.

The course will be open to U3 BScN and BNI students ONLY, as well as graduate nursing students. Registration will be on a first-come, first-serve basis. If space remains, the course may open to U2 students.

Finally, students who wish to attend only a few of the classes may do so without having to register for the course. More information will follow!

For more information, contact Vanessa Lavergne at

3) November 12th-18th is National Nursing Student Week!

National Nursing Student Week is an opportunity to recognize the outstanding work both during school and outside of school done by nursing students across Canada and to promote the role of nursing students and the nursing profession as a whole.
This year at McGill, the NUS invites you to reflect on why you have chosen this amazing profession. Share a picture or video of yourself with your reason for joining nursing in Event on Facebook. Feel free to drop by the NUS office to take your picture! There will be two prizes awarded to particpants – the winners will be announced on November 16th.!/events/425037617562682/?fref=ts

 4) McGill Science Games

McGill Science Undergraduate Society will be hosting Science Games, aka all Science faculties will be competing against each other in a wide range of activities starting January 31st– February 2nd 2013, all for a fee ranging around 60$. We would be setting up a Nursing Team!

If you are interested please contact me at , as I would like to know if we would have enough people to set up a team!

There will be a HYPE NIGHT open to everyone for 20$( all you can drink). Here is the link to the event:

5) Conscious Communication Workshop : Are You In ? 

Conscious Communication, also known as Non-Violent Communication(NVC), is a simple process that was developped by Marshall Rosenberg. It is a tool that engages us to reconsider the way we express ourselves and the way in which we listen to the other. The aim is to bring quality to our listen as well as more respect and empathy.  Could this be useful for your nursing practice ?!

Mélanie Vallée, trainer and mediator in NVC, proposes to bring NVC to the NUS, for a day class in mid-november.  There will be simultaneous translation from french to english.

Contact me to let me know of your interest ! I can also send your way a 1 p. poster with more information on what Mélanie proposes to cover.  Write to me, Marilyne at

Also check out :  NVC on wikipedia

 6) Nursing Games

For those you who still want to participate in NURSING GAMES, you still can! If you still would like to participate, please email me with any questions.

My email is

If you had previously emailed me confirming a spot but can no longer go, please send me a quick email letting me know.

Athletic Representative – NUS

On behalf of the NUS,

You know you love me,


Margareta Sikorski

VP Internal