VP External Candidates

Learn more about your potential VP External candidates! Click on the links below to download their candidate statements, or scroll down to read them! (In no particular order). Elections will be held on October 15th (Monday) from 00:01 (just after midnight) until 23:59 (just before midnight). Good luck to all the candidates!

Sophie Kwalk

Cherie Mae Cadiz

Estelle Simon

Lily Li

Shane Anzovino

Sina Nazeri


1. Sophie Kwalk

Hi! My Name is Sophie Kwalk and I am a U3 BScN student. I am looking to run for the position of VP External for the 2012-2013 Academic Year. What makes me equipped for such a position you might ask? Well, let me tell you.

For starters, I am a well-rounded individual that has grown up being a part of various sports teams, councils and volunteer groups. Since the start of my Nursing Degree at McGIll, I have been an avid participant and volunteer in various activities such as intramurals, Faculty Olympics, Nursing Exploration and many more. Overall, I know the ins-and-outs of the school and have a passion for learning and being involved.

This year I have increased my involvement through being a Frosh/Orientation leader this past summer. I ensured that incoming students felt welcome in both the Ingram School of Nursing and McGill University itself; just as I would as VP External. I am now dedicating my time as the advertising coordinator for the CNSA (Canadian Nursing Student Association) Quebec Regional Conference Committee and as a member of both the yearbook and grad committees. With these extensive experiences, I have acquired the leadership traits, organizational skills, and resources necessary to serve as your next VP external.

When elected, my goal is to maintain transparency between SSMU and NUS while providing an approachable and dependable demeanor on all issues that may arise. Overall, I look forward to being your liaison for the academic year of 2012-2013. Vote! Sophie Kwalk as your next VP External!

2. Cherie Mae Cadiz

Hi! I’m Cherie Mae Cadiz (Cherie for short). I’m in U3 of the BScN program.  I am also minoring in German language. I think I’m a pretty good student while also doing by best in keeping an active social life. I dabble in salsa dancing, hip hop, and drawing. I also enjoy acting and have been in two productions that some of you may have seen –Vagina Monologues 2011, and Not So Sullivan Cabaret 2012.  I believe having a balanced life helps me be happy. My friends know that I can be quite quirky and energetic, always trying to get them to do things they wouldn’t think of doing! If I were to be VP External, I would do my best to represent nursing students in expressing their social needs! To quote Malcolm X, ““So early in my life, I had learned that if you want something, you had better make some noise.” I’m hoping that by being a part of NUS, I will be part of that noise and help make this year one of the memorable ones.

3. Estelle Simon, BSc(N)-U1

My name is Estelle Simon, I’m from Sorel-Tracy (QC) and this is my first year at McGill University. When I was in high school, I got involved in science fairs where I learned a lot about organisation and leadership! My research on the health problems of my community helped me develop my communication while being able to help others. For my work and commitment, I received the “Premier Prix Bell”, awarded to the best project in Quebec at the provincial science fair, and the Encana Platinum Award, given to the best project in Canada at Canada Wide Science Fair. I also had the chance to sail in the Arctic with Students On Ice to assess firsthand the impacts of climate change on the environment and Inuit populations. Three times member of Team Canada, I had the honour to participate in many international conferences and exhibitions in Canada, United States, Slovakia and Tunisia to share my findings. My community involvement has earned me the Lieutenant Governor’s medal, the personality of the week in the “La Presse”, and a place in the top 50 most influential women of ELLE Quebec magazine. In Cegep, I took the initiative to mentor young science students to start a research project and participate in science fairs. I also took part in mentoring French to students experiencing difficulties with that subject. For all these reasons, I believe that I have the capacity and motivation to fill this position!

4. Lily Li

John: Hey, have you heard? Lily’s running for NUS VP External!

Bridget: NO WAY! That’s awesome!

John: Yes way! I’m going to be sooooo excited if she wins, I know she’s an extremely capable person for the job.

Bridget: Yeah, I feel the same! But isn’t this position a lot of work and time consuming? Do you think she will be up for the task?

John: Oh yeah! Definitely! She definitely has the skills to be a good VP Enternal. Lily works efficiently and manages her time well. She is reliable and super approachable! She also loves to communicate with others, attend meetings, and inform others about upcoming events! She comes across as an intelligent and competent individual.

Bridget: True, you want a candidate that has those necessary qualities. I see that Lily is extremely motivated and she puts a lot of effort into things. She also genuinely cares for everyone and tries to accommodate everyone’s needs, so I know she will give this position her all and keep NUS, SSMU, and all nurses in the loop about all activities!

John: You raise a good point. Lily is not only studious, but she also likes to have fun. I’m sure that we will have some crazy fun events this year!

5. Shane Anzovino 

Hello Nurses!

My name is Shane Anzovino and I’m running for the position of VP External for 2012-2013. For those who don’t yet know me; I’m a mature student with a Bachelor’s degree in Physiology. Translation: I’m really old and been in McGill for what seems like forever, and so I’ve been around the block a few times.  I know the challenges you may face as a student because, been there done that? But guess what I’m here to help!

As VP External I would be committed to continue developing a strong relationship with SSMU (Students Society of McGill University), and informs all nursing students and the NUS council about SSMU activities.

Last year, I assumed a leadership role as the BSc.N U2 Representative. I was the liaison between my peers and the council; I ensured that NUS events catered to the schedule, concerns and interests of U2 students; I made class announcements and sent e-mails of events pertaining to U2 students. Additionally, I continued running the McGill BSc.N Class of 2013 Facebook page.

I believe that my past record of leadership, NUS experience, and commitment to all my endeavors demonstrate that I have the necessary qualities to do a phenomenal job as VP External and represent all of you.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me through Facebook, or email me at shane.anzovino@mail.mcgill.ca

6. Sina Nazeri

My name is Sina Nazeri, I am currently a U1 Nursing student, and it would be a great honor to be your VP External. I am born and raised in Los Angeles, California and I have attended le Lycée International de Los Angeles, a French-American school, for basically my entire life. At my school, I completed a Bilingual International Baccalaureate diploma. In this program two main elements are required: to work independently yet to be able to collaborate with others. I believe that these characteristics that I have developed are fundamental for the role of VP external. Moreover, I was president of my school during senior year in which I chaired meetings and organized multiple events and activities, such as prom where I managed to have it on a yacht for an affordable price. This fulfilling role provided me with a wonderful opportunity to develop organizational and communication skills. I am not new to McGill as most U1 students are. This is my second year, as I had to complete the U0 requirements. At McGill, I am VP Events for the music society called Ettuchante. I am currently organizing concerts for charity and such. I have experience collaborating with SSMU since Ettuchante is a SSMU club. For the reasons stated, I feel I would be an asset to the NUS and a responsible VP External.