NUS Newsletter #2!


October 2nd, 2012



Gossip Nurse here your one and only source in to the scandalous lives of the McGill Nursing Elite.  After an exciting and successful sangria night to interrupt the mid-term study session, we are back to reality. No more sangria mixers for a while guys, or at least until we’re over with these mid-terms. Buuut, there are still a bunch of things cooking and sizzling within the undergraduate society so read –up! (this is a long one)






1.Leadership skills development workshops


2. Server training workshops


3. The cost of service: A case study on HIV/AIDS in Iran


4. Invitation to the MCH Grand Rounds presentation

5. Opportunity to become involved with McGill Nurses for Global Health (MNGH)


6. Fellowship opportunity


7. CV workshop


8. Academic feedback and questions




10. Volunteer opportunity


11. Manitoba nurse recruitment






These workshops are an opportunity to develop and build leadership and life skills; they are designed to complement students’ entire experience at McGill.  Check out our schedule at the Leadership Training Program’s workshop schedule<>


Registration now open for:


Who’s Leading You? – Wednesday, October 3 from 5:35-7:35pm

How do you know if you’re cut out to be a leader?  Find out the three keys to starting out your leadership career by standing out above the rest.  You will be challenged in a way you’ve never been challenged before.  Are you ready to accept the challenge?


Putting Equity and Diversity into Practice – Wednesday, October 10 from 5:35-7:35pm

Do you understand the difference between discrimination and exclusion? Or cultural awareness vs. cultural sensitivity? Is your club, service, or organization being as inclusive as it can be? Come identify things that you can do to make your own organization more welcoming!


RE-SCHEDULED: Optimizing Team Dynamics – Tuesday, October 16 from 5:35-7:35pm

Join us to better understand and diagnose difficult team dynamic challenges, and learn useful tools and tips on diagnosing and resolving common team-based challenges. Determine what role you play in a team, and how to make that work for you!


Captivating an Audience: Public Speaking – Wednesday, October 17 from 5:35-7:35pm

Do you get the jitters when speaking in front of people? Public speaking can be a requirement for many professions so taking the opportunity to improve now will benefit you this year and beyond. Face your fears by checking out this workshop and learn more about stress management and helpful public speaking techniques.


Take the time to invest in yourself and attend some of these great workshops!




In case you were wondering! The Fall 2012 Server Training schedule and registration info is available on theLeadership Training Program<>’s website.


Upcoming dates:

Thursday, October 11th

Thursday, October 18th

Monday, October 22nd

Wednesday, October 24th

Monday, October 29th

All sessions are from 5:30-7:30 p.m.


3. The cost of service: A case study on HIV/AIDS in Iran


The McGill International Health Initiative (MIHI) presents our first event of the year on Wednesday, October 9 at Thomson House. It will be held from 5 to 7 in the basement.


Dr. Kamiar Alaei, MD, MPH, MD and Dr.PH candidate, is a PAHO/WHO consultant on Health and Human Rights and an expert on HIV/AIDS. He will be presenting his work on HIV/AIDS, International Health and Human Rights in Iran. He was instrumental in developing a  major health proposal that was awarded $15.8 million by the Global Fund to control HIV/AIDS in Iran, and now extended to Afghanistan and Tajikistan. His work has earned him the Heinz R. Pagels Human Rights of Scientists Award from the New York Academy of Science, the Jonathan Mann Award for Global Health and Human Rights by the Global Health Council, the first award for Leadership in Health and Human Rights by PAHO/WHO, and the Inaugural Elizabeth Taylor Award in Recognition of Efforts to Advocate for Human Rights in the field of HIV.


Hope to see you there!


Beer and pizza will be served!




Facebook event:


4. Invitation to the MCH Grand Rounds presentation


On Wednesday, October 17, 2012 at 8 am at the Grand Rounds of the Montreal Children’s Hospital, Mohawk pediatrician Dr Kent Saylor will be presented the Bryce award and Ms Cindy Blackstock, Associate Professor at the University of Alberta will then give the Grand Rounds presentation on the current status of the foster care system for on-reserve First Nations children. The presentation will last one hour from 8-9 am. All nursing students are welcome!



5. Opportunity to become involved with McGill Nurses for Global Health (MNGH)


McGill Nurses for Global Health (MNGH) is reaching out to all Undergraduate Nursing students interested in global health and who want to become more involved!  MNGH is a student group comprised of both undergraduate and graduate nursing students who help to increase awareness of global health issues within the Nursing faculty.  In addition MNGH also reaches out and works with different faculties to help coordinate and organize different events on campus in order to help increase awareness of global health among the student body.


MNGH coordinates three main events every year.  This year we are looking for students who might be interested in helping with the organization of these three events.  The events along with a brief description and the open positions are listed below.


1)   Health Knows no Boundaries – International Night

International night is an event where guest speakers present and discuss different aspects of their international nursing experiences.  In addition everyone enjoys a potluck consisting of different cultural dishes and great music throughout the event! Organization starts in November and the event is held in January.

                                             i.     Events Coordinator (1 or 2 people)


2)   Brown Bag Lunches

MNGH sources out and contacts different health care professionals (usually nurses, but not exclusively) to come speak to a group of students about their experiences working in global health.  The brown bag lunches are scheduled over a lunch hour period where an informal discussion can be held amongst the speaker and students attending. (Throughout the year)

                                             i.     Brown Bag Lunch Coordinator (1 or 2 people)


3)   Aboriginal Health Workshop (collaboration with the Aboriginal Health Interest Group – AHIG)

The AHIG has recently expanded their Pre-departure training event to include Nursing.  A MNGH representative works along side medical students from McGill University and Universite de Montreal to help organize a Pre-departure training focused Aboriginal Health.  Organization of this event starts in January and the event is held in April or May.

                                             i.     MNGH representative involved with AHIG (1 or 2 people)


If anyone would be interested in filling one of these positions, or if you are interested in global health and want to learn more about how you can become more involved, please email us at<>


Looking forward to hearing from you!


5.U3 Ambassador Program Information Session


Madeleine Buck and Maria Di Feo will be having an information session regarding the proposal for the Ambassador Program and other related topics for BScN and BNI U3 students on Thursday October 4th from 12-1pm in Education Bldg Room 216.


For questions, email Vanessa Lavergne (Global Health Rep, NUS) at



6. Fellowship Opportunity

The McGill Institute for Health and Social Policy is currently recruiting students for the McBurney Latin American Fellowship Program, which focuses on the delivery of health and social services in marginalized countries in Latin America. Fellows will be supported by a McGill Faculty Member during their 2-3 month project and will receive monetary support in the form of a 3500$ payment. Eligible applicants must be full- or part-time McGill Students and in graduate studies or the 3rd or 4th year of their undergraduate studies.


For more information please go to:

If you have questions, contact Jennifer Proudfoot at


Application Deadline: January 14, 2013.


7. CV Workshop + CV Individual Consultations

The Nursing CV Workshop will be taking place on Friday October 19 from 12:30PM-2:30PM (Location: TBA). This presentation is given by Ms. Janice Tester, a McGill Career Planning Service (CaPS) Counsellor who is an expert in perfecting Nursing CVs. Learn how to write the best CV possible just in time for the amazing Career Fair on Friday October 26!


On Tuesday October 23 you will have the chance to sit down one-on-one with a CaPS Counsellor and receive personalized feedback on your own CV. Stay posted for more information on this event!


8. Academic Feedback & Questions

If you have any ideas about how your Nursing program could be improved and/or if you have any questions about your Nursing program, please feel free to contact your VP Academic:

BScN: Kayla Sliskovic –

BNI: Hugo Marchand –



9. VP External

A position in the NUS council as the VP External has just opened up! For whoever is interested in running for that position, please send a 250 words blurb about yourself with a picture (of yourself) to Angela Herman (our very own president) at by Tuesday October 2nd at 18:00.


Please read below for more information about the position.



VP External:


 *   Represents the NUS at all SSMU (Students Society of McGill University) meetings (once every 2 weeks).

 *   Participates in other SSMU related events such as General Assemblies.

 *   Informs Nursing students and the NUS about SSMU and general McGill activities.

 *   Communicates with other faculties and student associations at McGill on behalf of NUS


Fall semester NUS meetings are biweekly from 12:30 to 2:00 on Fridays

Fall semester SSMU meetings are biweekly at 6:00pm on Thursdays


Best of luck!


10. Volunteer Opportunity

See attached pdf (summary of volunteer requirements) and below detailed information


I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself, my name is Michael Smith and I am the Senior Associate Manager at the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada. I am reaching out to your association in the hopes of securing nursing students to volunteer for the Heart and Stroke Foundation at an upcoming consumer show in the Montreal area (Friday October 19th-Sunday October 21st). Please see the attached Microsoft word document for further information on the volunteer positions available and shift schedule.


Background on the project/campaign:


National Atrial Fibrillation Awareness Campaign The Heart and Stroke Foundation has partnered with Bayer Healthcare, Boehringer-Ingelheim and Cardio Comm Solutions in building a public consumer campaign aimed at building awareness of atrial fibrillation (AF). AF is a condition associated with a two-to-three-fold increase in the risk of heart failure, up to a five-fold increase in the risk of stroke and a two-fold increase in the risk of death.

The “Be Pulse Aware” initiative started in 2010 with deployment of an AF caravan at a handful of healthcare and consumer shows.


Campaign Objectives:


Primary Objective:


*         To raise awareness and educate Canadians on the definition, symptoms and link to stroke


*         To get more Canadians screened for Afib


Secondary Objective:


*         Increase urgency of AFib with primary care providers (highlighting seriousness of condition, diagnosis and treatment)


Check out the CTV news link for additional coverage on the AFIB campaign


Please note the following:


1)      The consumer show is the International Tourism & Travel Show – October 19th-21st (Location: Place Bonaventure)


a.       There are 2 shifts per day, however if a volunteer would like participate in both shifts that would be perfectly fine with us.


b.      Ideally, we are looking to secure 3 nursing students/volunteers per shift


c.       Both myself and a Cardiocomm staff member (ECG experts) will be on site for the entire event. Therefore we are hoping to have to a total of 5 people on site per shift. (3 volunteers + 1 cardiocomm staff + Michael)


2)      Each volunteer will receive a certificate of volunteer participation (see attached for example) as well as a recognition gift (potentially a $25 dollar gift certificate to a restaurant). The exact recognition gift is TBD but please mention it to the potential volunteers during the recruiting process.


It’s important to note that each of the volunteers will be trained via webex (web conferencing) to ensure they feel comfortable with their roles during the booth activation. Additionally, I have put a buffer of 15 minutes before each shift starts so that I can explain the objectives of the booth to each of the volunteers on site.


Lastly, each volunteer will be provided with a RED HSF t-shirt which they will need to wear during their shifts. The volunteers can keep the t-shirts upon the completion of the booth activation. If there is interest in volunteering, please contact me directly (email + number listed below). There are no applications forms necessary, however, students must forward a copy of their resume.


Thank you kindly, Michael


Michael Smith

Senior Associate Manager, Corporate Alliances | Heart and Stroke Foundation T 416 489 7111 ext. 460| E<><>


11. Manitoba Nurse Recruitment

First Nations and Inuit Health Branch in remote and isolated communities


Manitoba Recruitment for the First Nations and Inuit Health Branch in remote and isolated communities situated in northern Manitoba will be doing a presentation (for both undergraduates and graduates) on Tuesday, October 2 between 11:30 and 13:00 in the Wendy Patrick Room of Wilson Hall.


The purpose of the event would be to have discussion and/or display related to nursing careers with the First Nations and Inuit Health Branch in remote and isolated communities situated in northern Manitoba. The format of the presentation will be a couple of videos, followed by my presentation, then a discussion with Tracey Muir, the Regional Nurse Educator, and finally a Q and A session.