Student strike/tuition hikes information

Disclaimer: The NUS has taken no formal opinion on the student strikes of 2012, however, we feel a need to adequately represent both sides so that the student body can make an informed decision. To that purpose, here are a number of links leading to information for and against the strikes. 

-Neutral – 

SSMU Student Strike FAQ


Against tuition hikes

Iris : Do we really need to raise our tuition fees ? 8 misleading arguments for the hike

(en français) : Faut-il vraiment augmenter les frais de scolarité ?


For the tuition hikes

On Sticker Price, Net Price and Red Squares (HESA)

Quebec tuition increase : increase is justified (Western Gazette) 

Grève étudiante : l’accessibilité sans la qualité, un très mauvais calcul (Heather Munroe Blum in Le Devoir)

Globe and mail editorial : Even with university tuition increase, Quebec’s fees still lowest in country


For the Strike

bloquons la


Against the strike

Henry Aubin : Students have their priorities all wrong (the Gazette)