NUS Elections!

To help you vote this upcoming thursday, the NUS has put together the blurbs from the candidates.

To view the blurbs, please go to this link on dropbox to download the file: Candidates’ blurbs.

Erratum: A previous version of this text included a truncated version of Darya Kosareva’s profile.  The error has been corrected and her full profile is now in the document above.

Additionally, here is what the ballots will look like this thursday, and all week long during early voting.



Angela Herman

Shane Anzovino

VP Academic (BScN):

Carol Kwon

Kayla Sliskovic

Fannie Painchaud

VP Finance:

Sophie Kwalk

Meghan Daoust


Joanna Lynsdale

Marco Zeid

Social Rep:

Darya Kosareva

Sae Fukamizu

Lily Tam

BScN U2 Class Rep:

Lana Beaudoin

Annie Coulte


Position’s Filled:

VP Academic (BNI): Hugo Marchand

VP CNSA: Stephanie Gourdeau

VP External: Vanessa Lauzon

VP Internal: Margareta Sikorski

AD CNSA: Brooke Latulippe

Global Health Rep: Vanessa Lavergne

BScN U3 Class Rep: Maggie Wong

BNI U3 Class Rep: Laura Craigie

Positions to be Filled:

Fundraising Coordinator

Athletic Rep


BScN U0, U1 & BNI Class Reps to be elected in September 2012