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March 19th, 2012



Gossip Nurse here your one and only source in to the scandalous lives of the McGill Nursing Elite.  After an exciting faculty Olympics, an old school Sugar Shack , new sizzling events are coming up…I hear the Dr.s are getting something ready …And let’s all enjoy this early summer a little bit before getting to the books for real!



2. Aboriginal Health Workshop


4. JGH Breakfast

5. Camp Nurse Job Opportunity


1. NUS Elections

Submissions for Candidacy are in and now its time for campaigning to begin! Now until midnight of March 25. We ask everyone to be respectful to those campaigning and for the campaigners to be respectful of their opponents.


Thank-you to everyone who submitted & congratulations to those who have already obtained a position!


Please note if you are unopposed you will still be required to attend live elections and prepare a speech about what who you are and what you plan to do next year with your position.


May the best nurse win! Sorry for the delay on when & where elections will be held, we are having a difficult time finding a space but as soon as we know we will let you know!


2012-2013 Candidates:



Angela Herman

Shane Anzovino


VP Academic (BScN):

Carol Kwon

Kayla Sliskovic

Fannie Painchaud


VP Academic (BNI)

Hugo Marchand



Stephanie Gourdeau


VP External:

Vanessa Lauzon


VP Finance:

Sophie Kwalk

Meghan Daoust


VP Internal:

Margareta Sikorski



Brooke Latulippe


Global Health Rep:

Stephanie Avery

Vanessa Lavergne



Joanna Lynsdale

Marco Zeid


Social Rep

Darya Kosareva

Sae Fukamizu

Lily Tam


Athletic Rep: *Position to be filled at live elections week of March 25*


Fundraising Coordinator: *Position to be filled at live elections week of March 25*


Webmaster: *Position to be filled at live elections week of March 25*

BScN U3 Class Rep:

Maggie Wong


BNI U3 Class Rep: * Position to be filled – submissions accepted until March 18 @ midnight*


BScN U2 Class Rep:

Lana Beaudoin

Annie Coulter


BScN U0, U1 and BNI U2 Reps to be elected in September 2012


Director of CNSA Regional Conference 2012:

Chloe Song



2. Aboriginal Health Workshop


For the past 2 years, the McGill Aboriginal Health Interest Group has organized an evening-long workshop for students interested in learning more about Aboriginal culture and how it impacts our work with indigenous patients. Originally designed for students going to Aboriginal communities for clinical rotations, the workshop has been found to be useful for any student working in a health profession, even right here in Montreal.


This year the event will be held on the evening of May 8th with McGill medical and nursing students, as well as Université de Montréal medical students.


If you have an interest in Aboriginal health or want to know more about Aboriginal culture, do not miss this workshop. This is an opportunity to increase your knowledge, learn from health professionals in this field, become more culturally competent when caring for Aboriginal clients and meet other students from nursing and medicine.



Email Vanessa at to reserve your spot.




“Leave your Mark”, Interfaculty Graffiti Party


Hey fellas! Your life starts missing color? Get your sharpie ready because on next Friday March 23rd, a huge Graffiti Party will be held at the SSMU Ballroom (on McGill campus). You’ll have the chance to dance and drink with Medicine, Science, Management, Engineering, Arts, Nursing and Law students enjoying the end of midterms! Non McGillians are also invited! Entry is 5$ and REALLY cheap drinks will be served inside. And to do your day’s good deed, this event represents also a MASSIVE fundraising for McGill Medicine’s cheerleading team. So, 2 DJs, cheap drinks, gorgeous cheerleading ladies and over 200 students from 7 different faculties for 5$… you’re sure you want to miss it? Ticket selling starts NOW, but for more information about the selling locations and dates, check the Facebook event: (or type “Leave your Mark” on Facebook).



4. JGH Breakfast



The Jewish General Hospital is coming to Wilson Hall, Wendy Patrick Room this Thursday from 9:30-11:00! Free breakfast & information session! See attached poster for more details.




5. Camp Nurse Job Opportunity









My name is Erica Coutts and I am the Director of Camp Kirk, a residential camp for children with Learning Disabilities, high functioning Autism Spectrum Disorders, AD/HD and other type of exceptionalities. We are currently looking for a Camp Nurse/First Aider and I was wondering if perhaps your nursing students would be interested. If you feel they may, I would greatly appreciate if you could circulate the job posting I have attached to this email to senior students. This position would be particularly good experience for any nursing student going into paediatric or mental health nursing.


Thank you for your support!


Erica Coutts






On behalf of the NUS,


You know you love me,






Margareta Sikorski


VP Internal