NUS Election

Calling all submissions for candidacy! The NUS is now starting the process to hold the elections for next years council. Always wanted to get involved? NOW is your chance!

Must submit candidacy by March 14 @ midnight to

In your submission please include:

– Name, program & year, position you are running for, a blurb with 2-3 sentences about yourself

Live elections will be held the week of March 25. More information to come.

If you have questions don’t hesitate to contact us at the above address!






  • Oversees activities organized by the NUS.
  • Runs bimonthly NUS meetings and creates meeting agendas.
  • Speaks on behalf of the NUS.
  • Communicates with the administration on behalf of the student body.
  • Note: Only a person who has served on the NUS council for one full year can hold the position of President.


VP Academic BScN and VP Academic BNI (2 separate positions):

  • Enhances students’ academic life by organizing events, workshops, tutorials and tools.
  • Replaces the president of the NUS when she or he is absent.
  • Communicates with the faculty members on behalf of the student body.
  • Represents students at faculty meetings and the Student Standing and Promotions Committee.
  • Organizes the ‘Discover McGill’ Student Panel.
  • Note: Only final year students may hold the position of VP Academic.


VP CNSA (Canadian Nursing Students’ Association):

  • Manages the CNSA club at McGill.
  • Organizes meetings with students interested in attending the CNSA National Conference and oversees fundraising.
  • Informs the NUS of CNSA activities and promotes the CNSA within McGill.
  • Attends the CNSA regional conference.
  • Represents and votes on behalf of the NUS at the CNSA National conference.


VP External:

  • Represents the NUS at all SSMU (Students Society of McGill University) meetings (once every 2 weeks).
  • Participates in other SSMU related events such as General Assemblies.
  • Informs Nursing students and the NUS about SSMU and general McGill activities.
  • Communicates with other faculties and student associations at McGill on behalf of NUS.


VP Finance:

  • Creates the NUS Annual Budget and submits it to SSMU financial office & the School of Nursing in September and revises it in January.
  • Keeps track of the NUS expenses and fundraising income and shares financial status with the NUS at each meeting and as needed.
  • Oversees the NUS accounts with SSMU financial office and signs request forms.
  • Ensures the long-term financial stability of the NUS.


VP Internal:

  • Organizes Frosh events for the incoming students in August.
  • Produces a Nursing telephone/e-mail Directory for the students.
  • Writes bi-monthly newsletters based on NUS Activities.




AD CNSA (Associate Delegate: Canadian Nursing Students’ Association):

  • Assists the VP CNSA in organizing CNSA activities and promoting the CNSA within McGill.
  • Attends the regional and the national CNSA conferences.
  • Represents McGill at the CNSA regional administrative meetings and at the CNSA National Assembly.
  • Prepares CNSA McGill Chapter report of activities and liaise with the CNSA Quebec Regional Director.


Athletic Representative:

  • Organizes activities related to athletics (ski trips, intramurals, etc.).
  • Coordinates travel, oversees fundraising, and recruits participants for Nursing Games.
  • Coordinates sweater and sweatpants sales.
  • Organizes athletic event(s) related to a chosen charity (ex: CIBC Run for the Cure).



Fundraising Coordinator:

  • Coordinates all fundraising events on behalf of all NUS initiatives (specifically Nursing games, CNSA and Grad Committee).
  • Coordinates details of all fundraising events (such as booking spaces, collecting monies raised, etc.).
  • Identifies new opportunities to fundraise or for funding for the NUS.


Global Health Representative:

  • Sits on executive council of McGill Nurses for Global Health (MNGH) to act as a liaison between the NUS and the MNGH and participate in their activities.
  • Liaises between NUS and faculty’s Global Health Committee (GHC).
  • Coordinates undergraduate involvement in ‘International Night’.
  • Coordinates information sessions for ‘Ambassador Program’ within BScN U3 final clinical internships with VP Academic BScN.
  • Collaborates with VP CNSA and AD CNSA towards possible establishment of CNSA Global Health Committee at McGill.



  • Attends all NUS meetings and types up the minutes of each meeting.
  • Collects NUS mail and voice messages and distributes them to appropriate council members.
  • Receives and redirects all NUS e-mails.


Social Representative:

  • Organizes social events for students.
  • Submits a list of all planned activities to the NUS at the beginning of each term.
  • Supports VP Internal in organizing Frosh events for incoming students.



  • Creates, updates and promotes the NUS website.
  • Responsible for technology-related issues within the council.
  • Maintains office supply in the NUS office.
  • Acts as contact person for Wilson Hall computer lab troubleshooting.
  • Works with the Yearbook Committee in terms of yearbook designing as needed.



Class Representative BScN U0:

  • Maintains contact with U0 nursing students and keeps them aware of NUS activities.
  • Brings U0 nursing student feedback to the NUS.
  • Strives to facilitate U0 nursing students to feel a part of the School of Nursing.
  • Note: Position elected in September.


Class Representative BScN U1:

  • Brings class feedback to the NUS.
  • Makes announcements in class.
  • Organizes mask fittings, flu shots and CPR certification.
  • Coordinates ordering of health assessment equipment, nametags and uniforms.
  • Helps guide BScN U1 students through first year activities (OIIQ Certification).
  • Note: Position elected in September.


Class Representative BScN U2:

  • Brings class feedback to the NUS.
  • Makes announcements in class.
  • Year-specific activities.


Class Representative BScN U3 & BNI U3:

  • Brings class feedback to the NUS.
  • Makes announcements in class.
  • Organizes the Graduation event and the creation of the Yearbook.
  • Co-chairs Grad committee and Yearbook committee.


Class Representative BNI U2:

  • Brings class feedback to the NUS.
  • Makes announcements in class.
  • Organizes mask fittings, flu shots and CPR certification.
  • Coordinates ordering of health assessment equipment, nametags and uniforms.
  • Helps guide BNI U1 students through first year with resources like academic support.
  • Note: Position elected in September.



Non-NUS Elected Position

Note: ** This position does NOT have a seat or vote on the NUS council. ** 


Director of the CNSA Regional Conference:

  • Chairs the Regional Conference Planning Committee of CNSA Regional Conference held at McGill University in 2010.
  • Coordinates event planning (such as attaining sponsorship, booking rooms, getting speakers, catering, etc.).
  • Collaborates with VP CNSA and AD CNSA to promote the event.

Note: Holder of this position must be avilable during the summer