Gossip Nurse here your one and only source in to the scandalous lives of the McGill Nursing Elite.  Short but sweet newsletter as we are all strongly preoccupied with our upcoming midterms! Good luck to all and hopefully y’all will be ready for Faculty Olympics in March. And for a little break this week WINE AND CHEESE is waiting for you!

1) Faculty Olympics

Faculty Olympics registration for TEAM NURSING is presently going on! Come by the office to register for a 4 days of too much fun ( March 8th-March 11th)!! Everybody is welcome to register, no particular sports skills are necessary! All we need are 40$ and your T-shirt size!

Office hours of your captains this week are:

Tuesday – Margareta 1600-1700

Thursday- Allyson/Emily 1100-1300 

If you can’t make either of these times email any of the 3 people below to set up a time/place to sign up and give your $40

margareta.sikorski@mail.mcgill.ca or

fannie.painchaud@mail.mcgill.ca or

emily.kristensen@mail.mcgill.ca or


2) Wine and Cheese (Feb. 16th)

Nursing will be hosting it’s own Wine and Cheese this Thursday , February 16th  from 5 to 8 pm at the Royal Victoria Hospital in Pavilion K in the Employee’s Lounge!

Everybody is welcome! Come and Mingle with U0’s, U1’s, U2’s, U3’s and even some Master’s Level Students!

See you all there!

3) Student Ambassador Job offer (see email attachment)

Dear Student Societies,

I hope you’ve had a nice week-end.  Please find attached a job posting for the position of Student Ambassador for McGill’s 2012 Campus Connect activities .  We are looking to hire approximately 18 undergraduates for this contract position.  Thank you in advance for circulating it amongst the students in your department and if possible, posting it on your department’s message board.  If you have any questions then please feel free to contact me at this address or at extension 3111.

Thank you very much for your time and help,

Jonathan Sullivan

Agent de recrutement et d’admission

Gestion de l’effectif étudiant

Université McGill

(514) 398-3111



On behalf of the NUS,

You know you love me,


Margareta Sikorski

VP Internal