Week of Nov 21 Updates

1) Grad Stuff


2) Osler Hour


3) SSMU Support Services


4) Master`s Info Session


5) French Classes


6) Office Hours


7) Phone-a-thon Volunteers


8) Course evaluations


9) CNSA Debate Team








1) Grad Stuff






Sign up for the graduation photos is up.


Photos will take place in the Wendy Patrick Room on December 7th starting at 8:30 am.


You need to pay $10 before the day to maintain your sign up time.


the link to sing up is http://www.helpersignup.com/viewsheet.php?type=2&sheet=c38e85f0226b95e663d95af3e30a3518<https://exchange.mcgill.ca/owa/redir.aspx?C=ab75ac8a26d441b6a7bcee78dc445ed9&URL=http%3a%2f%2fwww.helpersignup.com%2fviewsheet.php%3ftype%3d2%26sheet%3dc38e85f0226b95e663d95af3e30a3518%20\t%20_blank>


graduation photos are for those who would like to order a set, and to be included in the yearbook along with a blurb.


The $10 you pay to signup will be reimbursed to you once you order printed pictures.


Money is to be handed in to Elsa or Julia by December 2nd. if not your signup will be erased !!!!!!






All of your McGIll memories fantastically arranged into a book.


Purchase a yearbook!


Yearbooks are customized to our nursing graduating class. Pictures of the last 4 years which YOU will send to us will be included. The professional photos you take December 7th will be printed in the book with a blurb you will provide to us.


The yearbook cost is $40. A $20 dollar deposit is required once you sign up for a yearbook. Dates on when you can start ordering will be announced soon!


This is a great opportunity to preserve great memories!!




WHEN? April 28th 2012


Where? Westin Hotel


THEME? A night at the Academy Awards!


How much? 90$ (Includes 3 hours of open bar, 4 course meal with 1/2 bottle of wine, DJ, dancing, raffles, and a great time with your friends and classmates!!


TIckets go for sale February 2012 so start saving up!


Guests are more than welcome to come! Same ticket price applies.






Prepare your most delicious baked treats and bring them to class (Learning and health) on November 25th, or bring them to the engineering building at 11:30.


All profits will go towards the graduation ball!!!!!!!


We definately need your help to be able to give you such a memorable night!!!!




Thank you!!!!!




Any questions?








2) Osler Hour




Looking for a cheap happy hour with unlimited beer and pizza ? Come to OSLER hour November 23rd @ GERTS from 5-7. It’s a great opportunity to meet new people from other faculties like med and dentistry.




3) SSMU Support Services




SSMU Support Services:


Various support services are available to students on a regular basis. Given the events of November 10th, these services have been expanded and some of their hours of operation have been increased to better help students. If you or anyone you know is in need of support due to the outcomes of this event or due to various other reasons please see the following link:








4)Master`s Info Session




Master’s Info Session, November 22nd at 16:30 room 110.

Snacks will be provided!

Questions? email –> marianna.martello@mail.mcgill.ca<mailto:marianna.martello@mail.mcgill.ca> (BNI) or emily.kristensen@mail.mcgill.ca<mailto:emily.kristensen@mail.mcgill.ca> (BScN)




5) French Classes




If you would like to brush up your medical/dental French, please be advised the Faculty is organizing workshops starting Saturday mornings, January 14th.  They offer 5  levels of conversation French (beginner to high intermediate).  Beginner workshops are a great opportunity for those who have little or no French.


If you are interested, please be sure to sign up right away.   For detailed information and the electronic registration form, go to http://www.medicine.mcgill.ca/ugme/curriculum/frenchcourse_en.htm<https://exchange.mcgill.ca/owa/redir.aspx?C=3d38c6358bfd4c7d95214b17150103da&URL=http%3a%2f%2fwww.medicine.mcgill.ca%2fugme%2fcurriculum%2ffrenchcourse_en.htm%20\t%20_blank>.


For first-time registrants, a placement test is mandatory unless you are a TRUE BEGINNER in which case you will indicate that on the registration form and sign a waiver to that effect.  Dates of placement tests are found at the site linked above.


For those of you who are currently enrolled or who have taken a placement test in the past, you are exempt from the placement test but registration online is still mandatory – please just indicate that you have already taken the test and which level you achieved.


For all registrants – you must come in person to one of the placement tests to provide payment (see payment details here http://www.medicine.mcgill.ca/ugme/curriculum/frenchcourse_form_en.htm<https://exchange.mcgill.ca/owa/redir.aspx?C=3d38c6358bfd4c7d95214b17150103da&URL=http%3a%2f%2fwww.medicine.mcgill.ca%2fugme%2fcurriculum%2ffrenchcourse_form_en.htm%20\t%20_blank>), to sign the contract, and to sign the placement test waiver if you are a true beginner.




6) Office Hours


As you all know due to closing of the Wilson Hall basement the NUS office was closed down. While we are still in transition to finding a new location there has not been a chance for office hours. We have decided as a council that this is something that is vital to students and we have brought back office hours for the month of November. On Tuesdays from 13:35-15:25 and Friday’s from 11:35-12:25 you will have the opportunity to meet with council members in Wilson Hall Rm. 104. This is an opportunity for you to ask questions, purchase tickets, etc. Our website is up to date of which council members will be present at which times under “contact us”.




7) Phone-a-Thon Volunteer (Dinner provided)

On Monday, November 28th a phone-a-Thon will be taking place to raise money for the School of Nursing! We need lots of volunteers to help make calls, so if you are willing to donate your time please email allyson.debolster@mail.mcgill.ca<https://exchange.mcgill.ca/owa/redir.aspx?C=3d38c6358bfd4c7d95214b17150103da&URL=mailto%3aallyson.debolster%40mail.mcgill.ca%20\t%20_blank> to sign up before Nov. 22!  It will take place from 5:30-8:00pm including training, dinner and calls. Help us raise money for our School




8) Course evaluations


These are really important for everyone to fill out. The profs appreciate the feedback and use that information to make adjustments to course outlines.


If you show your class rep or any other council member that you have completed ALL of your course evaluations either by screen shots or doing them during out office hours, you will be entered in A DRAW TO WIN BOOKSTORE GIFTCARDS!!!








Hey everyone! If you would like to be part of the National Team for CNSA 2012, you must apply now. The National Team explores and debates on contemporary nursing issues and how the future of the Canadian health system affects, and may affect, the next generation of nurses. More information about this position is present in the application form attached to this email.

Please note that National Team members will have their transportation, registration fees and hotel paid for to attend the 2012 National Conference. DEADLINE FOR APPLICATION IS NOVEMBER 23RD. Once the application is complete, please email it to cnsa.nationalteam2012@gmail.com<mailto:cnsa.nationalteam2012@gmail.com>.

Thank you


Steph & Brooke

McGill CNSA delegates.




On behalf of the NUS,


You know you love me,






Margareta Sikorski


VP Internal




Always feel free stay caught up on all events atwww.mcgillnus.ca<http://www.mcgillnus.ca/> and don’t forget to join our facebook page ‘McGill Nursing Undergraduate Society’




If you have any comments or question you can contact me at margareta.sikorski@mail.mcgill.ca<mailto:margareta.sikorski@mail.mcgill.ca>




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