So many exciting events!

1) Nursing Games
2) Nursing night out
3) Grads Stuff
4) Mcgill  International Health Initiative/ Standing Committee on Global Health
5) Fill the stadium
6) Academic Blurb
7) Nursing Explorations/ General Assembly


Wanna prove that McGill trains the best nurses in the province?
Here is your chance!
Join the McGill nursing team for the nursing games 2012!

Relevant information
Start : Friday February 3rd 2012
End : Sunday February 5th 2012
Accommodation : Delta Hotel (1620 Notre-Dame Centre Street, Trois-Rivières)
Location : Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières
Cost: 155$ per participant
Due date for subscription: October 30th 2011
Minimum age: 18 years old


o Arrival of the delegations in the afternoon
o Dinner (include)
o Opening ceremony
o Party at the Bar Le Temple

o Wake-up
o Breakfast (include)
o Activities
o Dinner (include)
o Activities
o Break time at the hotel
o Cocktail
o Formal dinner
o Dancing evening at the hotel

o Wake-up
o Brunch
o Closing ceremony
o Departure of the delegations around noon

* If you have any questions regarding the nursing games, please contact Fannie Painchaud at

2) Nursing night out

Hey Guys! Just before starting to stress for the midterms, come enjoy your night at Candi Bar (1148 Mont Royal) with nursing students of every year on Wednesday Sept. 23rd! There will be a predrink at Julia Bresnai’s ( BNI U3 rep.) place starting around 8:30 pm @ 3569 St-Famille apt 1 between Prince Arthur and Milton. Red Bull has also accepted to sponsor this event by providing us with lots of Red Bull!!! We are looking forward to seeing all of you!
If you have any questions regarding this event, please contact Vanessa Lauzon at

3) Grad Stuff

Hello GRADS!!!!!!

•    Not too late to join the graduation/yearbook committee! You get to be involved in decorations, fundraisers and theme! Come join us and let’ make a great night happen. Meetings only happen about once a month and you get to chose what you want to be involved in! e-mail us at

•    SAMOSA SALES!! We are having Samosa sales every week at McMed 5th floor (dates are yet to be confirmed). Profits from the samosa sale go towards our graduation fund. If you would like to be involved and help fundraise by selling Samosas e-mail us at our grad e-mail mentioned above. That means approximately one hour of your time, we will do all the work, you just gotta be there and show your nursing enthusiasm as people approach you to buy a scrumptious samosa!!

•    The date of the grad ball has changed!!! Save the date- Saturday April 28th. This will allow there to be no conflict with finals! Get ready to celebrate!!!!!

Facebook group: McGill Nursing Grad 2012

4) International Health Initiative/ Standing Committee on Global Health

Want to get involved with Health on Earth Radio show, organize conferences or seminars on global health related topics or simply hear more about global health opportunities at McGill???

Then join us for Beer and Pizza on September 29 to talk about Global Health Opportunities at McGill.

Date and Time: 4 PM, Thursday September 29th
Location: Thompson House – Ballroom

For more info contact:

5) Fill the Stadium

Nursing is fundraising through the sale of “Fill the stadium” tickets for the McGill Redmen vs Bishops football game at the Molson stadium, which will take place on Friday September 30th at 7pm. You can buy your tickets (4$ each) and support your fellow nurses, from either:
Stephanie Gourdeau the CNSA representative at 514 702 1465,
Fannie Painchaud the athletic representative at 514 317 3539 or
Elsa Arteaga Bernal the U3 BScn class rep at 438 822 4844.

6) Academic Blurb

-Keep a look out in upcoming emails about a CV and cover letter workshop to polish up those resumes for the regional conference and career fair.

-Your class rep has either handed out the student handbooks in class or will be doing so in the near future. They are a great resource to you and will solve so many of your unanswered questions. READ THEM!!

For more info contact:

7) Nursing explorations / General Assembly

1. Nursing Explorations (Nov. 10)
There is still time to sign up for Nursing Explorations! Explore the successes and challenges associated with expanding the scope of nursing practice within our healthcare system and be a part of this conference! Sign up or more information at:

2. General Assembly (Sept. 26 4:30-7:30)
SSMU’s Fall 2011 General Assembly will be held:
Monday, September 26th at 4:30pm in the Shatner Ballroom (3rd floor, SSMU Building)
Come out and make your voice heard! This is your chance to tell your student union what to do! Make sure to bring your student ID card.
Motion Regarding Accessible Education | Motion sur l’accès à l’éducation
Motion Regarding Student Consultation in Re-Appointment of the Deputy Provost of Student Life and Learning | Motion sur la consultation des étudiants en rapport du renouvellement du mandat du député Provost (études et vie étudiante)
Motion Regarding Support of Workers’ Struggles | Motion sur l’appui donné aux travailleurs
Motion Regarding the Democratic Reform of the SSMU Board of Directors | Motion sur la réforme du conseil des directeurs de l’AÉUM
Motion Regarding the Institutionalization and Documentation of SSMU’s Leadership for Sustainability | Motion sur l’institutionnalisation et la documentation des projets de l’AÉUM pour le développement durable
Questions about how the General Assembly works? Email
or visit for more details!