Wilson Hall closed; Book-sale post-poned

Due to the flood that occurred thursday afternoon, Wilson Hall will be closed until further notice, and therefore, the book-sale will be post-poned. Keep up to date by following this blog, NUS on facebook, or McGill’s emergency announcements at https://home.mcgill.ca/urgent/


Here is the update from the McGill website.

Please note that Wilson Hall, 3506 University Street, at the Milton Gates, will be closed tomorrow as the result of Thursday evening’s flooding. Classes in that building will be moved. Notices will be affixed to the building’s exterior doors to provide more information tomorrow.

The flooding occurred when a pump in the City of Montreal pumping station on Dr. Penfield Ave. malfunctioned, resulting in a large water leak that flooded McTavish Street and a number of McGill buildings. Wilson Hall experienced the worst of the flooding. About an hour after it began at 5:45 p.m., the water flow was stopped. McTavish St. remains CLOSED to pedestrian and vehicular traffic as the City of Montreal conducts inspections. McGill personnel are assessing damage to our buildings. Service Point in the street-level floor of the McLennan Library Building suffered an inundation and was closed last night, as was the McLennan Building, but was being cleaned up within minutes of the water being stopped.

Please watch for a message early Friday morning advising of any change in classes in buildings affected by the water.

Again, please stay away from McTavish St. until further notice.