Attn. Incoming McGill Nursing Students – Information on orientation

Orientation week: August 29-September 5- Be there!

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Welcome to McGill!

Congratulations on becoming the newest members of the McGill community. We would like to formally welcome you to our wonderful school with an Orientation Week organized by your fellow students. Orientation Week can be a little confusing because there are a lot of events and things that you can register for, but hopefully this website makes it a little easier.

Three Main Events

1. Discover McGill

Discover McGill is an energized, fun and informative day that will introduce you to services offered by the University, Student Services, SSMU and your Faculty. It starts with a dynamic campus-wide University Orientation Welcome Event in the morning followed by Faculty Orientation in the afternoon. You’ll meet your Orientation Leader and get to talk with them about classes, campus, and anything else that you can think of! You will get tons of Faculty- specific information and the chance to meet lots of other new students.

This day is the kick-off to Orientation Week, so your attendance is crucial! We look forward to seeing you there!

2a. Faculty Frosh

These are 3 nights and 2 days of fun planned for you by your faculty association. Members of your faculty have spent their summers planning events, activities, and parties for you. You’ll stay in the group you were in for Discover McGill and participate in all sorts of amazing events that take place on campus and at locations throughout the city.

2b. Alternative Frosh

These run at the same time as Faculty Frosh. Organized by clubs and interest groups on campus, these froshes offer something different to students who don’t feel that Faculty frosh is for them. There are all different froshes offered so make sure to read the descriptions of each of them.

3. SSMU Frosh (Students’ Society of McGill University)

This frosh is after Faculty/Alternative Froshes and lasts one day. It is organized by the SSMU (your student union!) for all incoming students. SSMU frosh is one day of fun taking place on campus and in the SSMU building, and with a huge concert in the evening! This frosh gives you one more day to hang out on campus, get to know your student union, and make friends from outside your own faculty!

We hope that helps make things clearer but if you are still confused please email us at