NUS Wine and Cheese- Friday, January 14 · 5:00pm – 7:00pm

We invite you all to join us next Friday for a FREE!!! Wine & Cheese open to all undergraduate nursing students. The event is organized and paid for by your Nursing Undegraduate Society. The NUS council members will be present as well as some faculty members. This is a great opportunity to meet the students who represent you on council and get information about anything we organize, to meet older students to talk about their experience in the nursing program, or to discuss with faculty about aspects of the program. There will be many different types of wine to suit your preferences as well as cheese, grapes, and crackers.


Where? Royal Victoria Hospital, Nursing Lounge H Pavillion.

Directions: Here are the instructions on how to get to the specific room:
Nursing Lounge, 4th Floor, Hersey (H) Pavilion, Royal Victoria Hospital
Enter via Parking 2, then take the little path that goes to your left and the exterior stairs. When you get in, you enter on the 4th floor automatically, and the nursing lounge is right in front of the entrance, you simply can’t miss it.